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Simple idea

We use subscriptions to employ great teachers to work in great schools. The teaching videos they create are used by their school, by other schools and by subscribing parents. The more schools and parents subscribe, the more teachers we employ, the better learners are supported. Simple.

Family subscription

Your subscription will provide you with individual accounts for up to six learners. You know what your children need so you can search for useful videos and share them with each child in seconds.

Primary and SEND

In the future we will support every learner. Right now our videos support learners working at a primary level (up to 11 years) and those with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities. Soon we will employ teachers to work in secondary schools and sixth forms.

New videos daily

Our extensive bank of thousands of videos is added to every day, making your subscription increasingly great value for money.

Curriculum wide

Yes - English, maths and science are important. But so are art, history, dance and all the others. Our teachers create videos to support learning in every curriculum area.

Connect with others

YouTeachMeToo is a network for learning. You can connect with other parents and carers whom you know and trust, then send each other video recommendations, helping everyone to learn.

Honesty and Integrity

We believe in providing a service of such high quality that people are happy to pay for it. Therefore, there are no adverts to ruin your experience and we will never sell your data. That's a promise.

Teaching styles

The way that one teacher teaches, might not match how one learner learns. We make sure that learners have access to a range of teachers who teach the same concepts in different ways. Some videos directly teach a skill, concept or technique. Others act as a stimulus for discussion, teach through songs, rhymes and poems or set challenges. The variety is endless.

Focussed content

The videos are short, focussed and often joined together into viewing sequences. This helps the learner to progress swiftly in their understanding.

Quality videos

The videos you see have been created by great teachers working in great schools. We also employ subject specialists to create videos too. Knowing that the videos have been used in lessons in some of the best schools in the UK is all the quality assurance you need.

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