About YouTeachMe and YouTeachMeToo

Five years ago, we began work on a new way to use videos to support teachers to improve their lessons. As time has passed, YouTeachMe as it became known, began to change the way that teachers teach and share their knowledge, expertise and ideas. It has proven especially effective in helping learners, which is perhaps unsurprising in the digital age! Over recent months we have received such positive feedback from parents of children whose schools are using YouTeachMe that we decided that it was time to create a version that is available to parents and carers anywhere; YouTeachMeToo. We hope you like it. If you do, please spread the word. Together we can ensure that every learner receives the teaching they deserve.

About YouTeachMe Ltd

YouTeachMe Ltd was founded in 2012 by a serving Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher. Working together to move on a school in challenging circumstances, the concept for YouTeachMe was born out of a shared desire to enable effective collaboration between teachers. YouTeachMe and now YouTeachMeToo ensure that teachers have the support and recognition that they deserve and every learner is able to learn more effectively through the use of technology. Our aim is to deliver Global Goals 4.2 (Equal access to quality pre-primary education), 4.6 (Universal literacy and numeracy) and 4.C (Increase the supply of qualified teachers in developing nations). To find out more about these goals, please visit https://www.globalgoals.org. Thank you.